~What Is A House?~

August 20, 2017


  • Some might say that buying a house is a complicated thing.
  • Some might say that getting a home is stressful.
  • Some might say that that real estate is the basis of all wealth.
  • Some might just give up on real estate because it’s too much of a hassle to buy a house.
  • We can spend a lot of time diving into these topics, but instead let’s start at the beginning and ask a very basic question: WHAT IS A HOUSE?

Google defines a house as a dwelling for human habitation. In every sense of the word it basically says where you sleep or where you find shelter. Thank goodness we have evolved from the caveman days and also evolved our living situation from a “house” to a “home.” Yes they’re very much is a difference although you’re not going to find it on Google or the dictionary. But if you watch the video above you’ll know that it’s part of the Jeffilosophy vernacular, AKA the crazy vocabulary of real estate agent Jeff Luzadas.

I can tell you that owning a home is much more than that owning your own home is a feeling that can only be experienced by a real home owner. A renter doesn’t know that feeling. Here is how I can prove it.

Remember when you last borrowed a car rental from the airport. Then remember when was the last time you washed, waxed, Windex-ed, Armoral-ed, and vacuumed a car rental that you got at the airport? NEVER, right! But you would gladly do all that work for your own new car. That’s called Pride of Ownership. You only get that pride of ownership feeling when you own something that you earned.

Owning a home is just like “that.” Driving your car into your own driveway and knowing that nobody else can park there, is priceless! Knowing that you can paint the walls any color your want, or hang up as many pictures as you want, or decorating the windows; gives you that sense freedom. Paying your monthly mortgage is also refreshing because you know it will never change (ie. 30 year fixed) and when you make that final payment, the home is permanently yours and you can live rent free, FOREVER. These are all great benefits of being a homeowner, but there is a deeper happiness in owning your own home.

At Agent619.com, we define a home as being a house that is a “wrapper” to all the beautiful memories contained inside it. It sounds more complicated at face value but it is easier explained in these scenarios.

  •  This is the place where you remember your son grabbing onto the sofa to put 1 foot in front of another as he learned how to walk
  •  This is the place where you remember handing out beers to your buddies and saying cheers that one crazy night
  •  This is the place where you look at a tree in your backyard and remember how small it waswhen you took a picture with your little girl in her prettiest Sunday dress.
  •  This is the place where you remember how many laughs you got when your cousin walked intothe home with the ugliest Christmas sweater for the contest.
  •  This is the place where you look at your hands and see the dirty grit on your fingers becauseyou planted some new flowers in the front yard.
  •  This is the place where you cooked your favorite breakfast meal of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fried rice for your family because you just happened to wake up early oneSunday morning.
  •  This is the place where you fix your son’s bow tie at the front door as he goes off to prom.
  •  This is the place where your tears run like rain because your daughter is walking down the stairs in her wedding dress and the limo is ready to drive her to church.

When you have memories like this, you’ll know WHY you go through the process of buying a home. It’s not the easiest of things to do on your bucket list, we get that. That’s why we are always trying to find the bigger life solutions that happen to involve real estate. But I will never forget what a house means to my clients. It’s not just 4 walls and a roof. It’s all those above memories and more than you’ll ever know…That’s what a home means to me, and I’m sure you can relate. And…if you allow me the privilege, I would love to help you find a home that will be the wrapper to all your beautiful memories. ❤️