~Vlog12: New Home Construction Tour With Entourage and Builder Drama

August 24, 2018


Today, you’ll be going through the motions and emotions of being a new home construction buyer.

But this setup brings up a couple questions:

  1. If you were spending a lot of money to buy something, wouldn’t you want an professional to help you out?
  2. Wouldn’t it be better if your professional didn’t cost you extra money?

Well, that’s how it is when you hire Jeff Luzadas and the Agent619 crew to represent you on a new home construction purchase. Pretty cool huh?

We will meet up with our previous clients from vlog episode #9. But this time they brought all the decision makers, had myself and another agent, & 2 construction guys. So you can say we put together a pretty good “entourage.” You’ll be able to appreciate the progression from the “frame walk” tour to one of the final inspections called the “blue tape tour.” Also, for you Agent619 fans, you’ll notice that vlog episode #11 also has a blue tape tour. This is just crazy coincidence but we don’t just exclusively handle new home construction purchases. We do handle resale home sellers (listings) as well as tradition resale home purchases.

Overall this inspection tour was very clean. So “kudos” to the construction crew for handling all the major pieces. The clients and I only found very minor cosmetic touches to report. As a side note, you’ll also notice that the home builders didn’t want our full professional input. Some could argue that they didn’t want another professional double checking their work. While others might say that the builders are still finishing the minor cosmetic blemishes prior to the final deliver date. In either case, the clients really appreciated our assistance and guidance during this time of excitement and anxiety.

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