~Paradise Hills Homes Give Pride To A USMC Veteran~

November 11, 2013

Congratulation to the “F” Family. Mr. “F” is a former veteran in the USMC and after many years of being abroad, he finally get’s to come home to his permanent family residence in Paradise Hills. Being away from his family was the toughest part of his multiple deployments, although he enjoyed the fast lifestyle of international travel and sharing music across different cultures. Eventually, his tastes changed to actually wanting to slow down in order to enjoy a home life with his wife and child. Rock On, Mr. “F”, Rock On!!!

This home was a former short sale with an extensive financial issues that had to be taken care of. Listing Agent Jeff Luzadas was able to put together an all-star team of agents, contractors, lawyers, and negotiators to battle the banks and bring his clients to a successful closed escrow. The old sellers were freed of the stress and are now rebuilding their family situation with their new found financial freedom and are moving up the ranks in the dental industry in San Diego.
Fast forward to the fall of 2013, Agent Jeff Luzadas was again brought in order to help navigate an acceptable profit for the investor owner of Casey Street. After handling lots of construction issues during demolition and rehab, the home was magically “turnkey” in a matter of months. New modern cabinets were installed in the home, as well as sand granite counter-tops. New appliances and light fixtures were put in, so the modern 2000’s feel of the home was apparent.
That is when Mr. “F” and family found the home. The rest is history, but we wanted to share how Jeff Luzadas’s clients are well taken care of from start to finish. All of the following issures were wrapped up in 1 property:
  1. financial distressed situation (foreclosure/short sale)
  2. handling the construction issues of an investor rehabilitation (investor rehab/flip)
  3. handling the nerves of scared 1st time buyer. (military buyers)
Please feel free to contact Jeff Luzadas at Agent619.comto have your successful conclusion, no matter which of the 3 situations you are in that are similar to Casey Street in Paradise Hills.