North Inland San Diego

The North Inland San Diego region can easily be described as any community East of the Interstate-15. Some locals have dubbed this area as the “I-15 Corridor.” The reason for the nickname is because a majority of population is found along I-15, except for the city of Escondido.

Escondido is a very wide spread community that has a mixture of fertile flatlands, hill orchards, and luxury private estate. It is also the largest city in this region because it is fairly flat, so development was easier since most of the home development was from farmland conversions to residential housing.

On the southern end of Escondido is the world famous San Diego Zoo Safari Park (formerly Wild Animal Park), which is an open space zoo where animal can roam freely.
South of Escondido is Rancho Bernardo. It is another housing area for the high tech and bioscience professionals. It also has a retirement community where a minimum age of 55 is required to be part of complex.

The next Southern City is Poway. Poway is considered to be a small town in a big city because it is nestled in a pocket of hills that limits growth. Due to the physical limitations, Poway residents enjoy a unique lifestyle very similar to a mountainside township, but still around 30-minutes to the San Diego International Airport.

The South Western edge of North Inland San Diego is Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch. These areas offer a diverse community because the high technology/biosciences/pharmaceuticals of San Diego are concentrated here. In addition, the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar (MCAS) is just south of the area. In effect you have many military and technology professionals calling each other “neighbor”, which drives up demand for housing in both forms of home ownership and rentals.