~How much would you give to walk your kids to school?~

March 28, 2018

What kind of childhood memories are you trying to create for you kids?

The reality is that we all live in a fast-paced world. Let’s be real here, right? We do! So if you are a parent, you are probably juggling time in very small 15-minute increments. What if we could create a 15-minute window you and your kids will remember? Let me set this up first, OK.

So, I’m assuming you’re a parent. The day moves quickly. Cramming everything you and your kids do during the day could be something like this:
  1. Wake up the kiddos 60 minutes before school
  2. Really wake up the kids 45 before school
  3. Feed the little morning monsters
  4. Race to school before the bell rings and hopefully not run anybody over (today, LOL!)
  5. Do adult stuff at work (read email, make coffee, check FB, look busy)
  6. pickup the kids
  7. run home, get athletic/club/scouts stuff
  8. make the kids do their homework during the drive
  9. kids activity =  really means 15 minutes of “me time”
  10. drive home
  11. do homework while preparing dinner
  12. inhale dinner
  13. kiddo showers
  14. and repeat
As much as you’d like to change the routine, our society isn’t geared in a way to slow down. So if we can’t change the way our world works, what if we control one 15-minute segment in our day?

What “if” you were given an opportunity to live just blocks away from your kids elementary school? Do you think you might be able to enjoy walking with your young child everyday? Some kind of fond memory is gonna have to be instilled in your mind and especially your kids memories. While other parents are barreling down the neighborhood without regard to safety, you might be
teaching your little guy about the territorialism of humming birds. Other mini-van-drifting-moms may be teaching their kids road rage while you let your little daughter pet Fido, the family dog, before she goes to her class. This kind of thing is what we’re talking about, people.
Obviously this can only be achieved if we owned a home next to a school. We have that opportunity for you! So ask yourself, if you can set yourself up for success, would you pay somewhere around 1600 bucks a month to walk your kids school?