~From Colorado To A San Diego Beach Home~

November 1, 2017


Congratulations Mister & Misses L on your newly constructed beach home in San Diego!
It’s been a very long journey for them, but sometimes in life, you must endure some uncomfortable times and seemingly endless days to achieve your dreams.

It all started from a nice Colorado Springs home with a basement. Casey Clark, an Agent619.com partner in Colorado was successful in setting up a very profitable sale of our clients former home. But even before we could do that, Mr. L and Mrs. L both had huge homework assignments.

Mrs. L had to somehow get a corrections facility job in San Diego, when she had a perfectly good job in Colorado. But to do that, she had to show paystubs for at least 2-3 months. So the question is, how do I work at a San Diego based job, but my home is still in Colorado? The answer was simple to explain, but difficult to execute. The solution was to find temporary housing in San Diego, for herself, and find a San Diego job in corrections. That way, she could begin the job history timeline to satisfy the mortgage underwriters requirements (these are the guys who issue loans to consumers). Simple yes, but do YOU think it’s easy to just leave your family, move to another state, start a new job, while living out of a suitcase? I don’t think so. But wait there is more!

Mr. L didn’t get out that easy either. Between himself, his sons, and some military friends (that he owes beers to); he had to get his 1990’s home and bring it to the future time of 2016. Casey Clark was instrumental and often times brutally honest in her evaluations. So Mr. L followed Casey’s plan and completely modernized the home. Mister-Retired-Army found himself on his hands and knees to rip out carpet and replace it with wood flooring. But the whole time he was doing this, he was probably thinking, “Hey, where are my E-3’s to take care of this back breaking work?” (Military joke!) Then when he was standing up, he and his boys had to also repaint the whole interior of the house to make it “hip” by using the color scheme black, white, grey, and stainless steel. When all the X amount of dollars was spent, Mr. L was standing their looking at this practially brand new house and thought, “Dang this is a nice house! Why didn’t we do this sooner?” Luckily, all of Mr. L and sons hard work paid off, literally. They walked away with a big equity profit (about a yearly salary for a Walmart worker) and took it all down to their new home in San Diego. I wish I could reveal numbers, but you’ll just have to ask my clients directly. Darn code of ethics, client privacy, and moral standards…I’m kidding…(maybe)…

So let’s recap. Mrs. L leaves her husband & sons in Colorado (but in a good way), get’s a job and finds a room with family. Mr. L completely transforms his house into a hip 2016 home that current buyers will love. Then takes a suitcase and drives to San Diego. Did I loose you, yet?

Mr. & Mrs. L, and sons, and the non-mentioned-daughter-because-she-is-in-another-country, are finally back together again. Fortunately and unfortunately, they are living as displaced Colorado refugees in a family member’s home in San Diego. But like all big plans, sometimes it’s not a straight line to the finish. The new construction company planned to finish their home in May/June, but then went to July/August, but because of a bad San Diego winter, eventually hit a target date of September. Actually the very last business day of September, yikes!

After trading in their huge 6-bedroom Colorado home for a shared 1 bedroom rental, they were ready to finally spread out because it’s been 1.5 years in tight living quarters. It’s been great renting 1 room from their San Diego family, but it’s human nature to want your own space. The first hurdle to cross was signing all the loan documents, aka “loan docs.” Luckily Jeff Luzadas with Agent619.comwas there to help facilitate and keep Mr. & Mrs. L mentally focussed by showing up with Starbucks and soipao (Chinese bread delicacy). Next was the final walkthrough, aka “blue tape inspection”. Jeff Luzadas was there to help find little construction errors, like paint overspray, off-angle cabinets, difficult sink stoppers, etc. Then they got the keys the same day.


FINALLY! The L family could enjoy their beach home with their dogs. They can take their Colorado home belongings out of storage and move them into more than 2,200 square feet of their American Dream. Their sons can finally have a room to their own, and take pride in customizing the room the way college boys are supposed to. No more shoveling snow! It’ll be great being close to family (but not that close). The goal of living their retirement years with refreshing beach air, good Filipino food, and having that satisfying sense of accomplishment; was finally met.

Well done L family, well done indeed!

Here are some pictures of what the models looked like: